R.E.A.L. Bears

REAL Bears Downtown

R.E.A.L. Bears (Recruiting Emerging Alumni Leaders) is sponsored by the Missouri State University Alumni Association. The organization promotes an understanding and awareness of alumni programs while students are still enrolled in school. R.E.A.L. Bears is about getting involved with the University, developing leadership skills, connecting with alumni, building relationships, community service and much more. R.E.A.L. Bears are involved in University-sponsored events are eligible for members only scholarships.

Join R.E.A.L. Bears

Interested in joining R.E.A.L. Bears? We have recruitment events at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, but students may apply at any time.

Candidates undergo a selection process that includes an application screening and an interview with current R.E.A.L. Bears members and advisors. Application for membership is open to any Missouri State student who maintains a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, has at least two semesters of school remaining and is enthusiastic about Missouri State.

Students selected to join remain in the organization until graduation. Each member is responsible for attending meetings and contributing 30 points (15 hours) worth of volunteer time at sponsored events each semester (fall and spring).

For more information about joining R.E.A.L. Bears, contact R.E.A.L. Bears or call the Alumni Relations office at 417-836-5654.

Activities and events

R.E.A.L. Bears participates in many activities including hosting skyboxes, homecoming activities and local alumni gatherings, as well as supporting campus events. Besides supporting outside organizations and activities, R.E.A.L. Bears also hosts many "members only" activities to socialize, recognize the work of members and give back to the community through service.

Archives and history

R.E.A.L. Bears was established and is sponsored by the Missouri State University Alumni Association in 1987. Check out our blog, photos in our Flickr gallery and our bi-annual newsletter for R.E.A.L. Bears alumni, "The R.E.A.L. Review."

2014-2015 Officers

  • President: Kenneth Rowey
  • Vice President: Hailey Roush
  • Secretary: Caitlin Harris
  • Historian: Rachel Henady
  • Recruitment Chair: Brandon Alejo-Morgan
  • Philanthropy Chair: Sarah Hassan
  • Social Chair: Jasmine Carter
  • Advisor: Taylor Juenger, Graduate Assistant
  • Sponsor: Candice Wolf, Assistant Director of Alumni Activities