Frequently Asked Questions

Who are BearTalks speakers?

BearTalks speakers are MSU alumni and friends who volunteer to share their expertise with Missouri State University student groups and organizations. Speakers provide their information to the Alumni Association, along with their areas of expertise, availability and the length of their presentation. You pick the speaker you’re interested in, and we help connect you with him/her.

How much does it cost to bring in a speaker?

All BearTalks speakers are volunteers who will speak to your group for free. You may want to get them a small gift or card to say thank you.

I’m interested in a few speakers. Can I book more than one?

Absolutely! We can help you find multiple speakers for the same meeting/event, or help you reach out to multiple speakers to see who is available on your specific date.

How long in advance do I need to book a speaker?

We ask that you submit your request two weeks before your meeting/event. If you have a shorter timeframe, you will need to be flexible in choosing a speaker as fewer will be available.

I don’t see anyone who can discuss my topic.

If you see someone who might be able to cover your topic but doesn’t specifically list it, go ahead and request that speaker. If he/she isn’t comfortable with the topic, we can help find another speaker (through BearTalks or other campus connections) who can discuss your topic. You can also email for more information.

Our speaker doesn’t live in Springfield, and our organization can’t afford a projector to do a video conference.

We are happy to help provide resources to your group so that your speaker can participate via Zoom. The Alumni Association will help you set up those resources once your speaker is confirmed.

How do I book a speaker?

Use the BearTalks student information page to review a list of available speakers and submit your request for a BearTalks speaker.