Alumni/Host Information

Spring 2021 student registration

Struggling to find a way to make professional connections during a pandemic? Dinner with Eight Bears has it covered for you this spring. Coming to a Zoom screen near you, Dinner with Eight Bears is going to virtually connect students with alumni from all across the country, helping to build mentor relationships and professional connections by sharing stories, experiences, and future plans.

The time and topic of conversation are chosen by the alum/host, and are listed below. Select a topic and time that best suits you, then select the link to learn more about the host(s) and “dinner” details.

You can attend more than one "dinner."

What to expect

The time, location, topic of conversation and meal are chosen by the alumnus/a host. As the host, you'll decide the details, including:

  • preferred group size
  • school audience preference
  • co-hosts

Hosts cover the cost of the meal; however hosts may receive in-kind donation credit (receipts required) for the cost of providing the meal.

Making the most of your Dinner with Eight Bears

Consider the theme.

  • What topics of conversation are you interested in? (Networking, particular career fields, student involvement, study abroad experiences, etc.)
  • Are there specific types of students you want to talk with? (First-generation college students, non-traditional students, fraternity-sorority life, etc.)
  • We’ll include any special interests in your dinner’s profile to help attract students who have common interests. 

Decide on the number of students you want to host.

  • Eight is just a suggestion—you decide what is comfortable for you. You may consider allowing a few extra spots at the table as students sometimes have to cancel. 

Consider a co-host.

  • To help ensure you have a good student-to-host ratio, we ask that you have at least one co-host, and that at least one of you be a Missouri State graduate. If you need help finding a co-host, we have alumni volunteers that would be happy to join you. 

Consider the productive outcome of your dinner.

  • What valuable takeaways do you want students to leave with? Structure your conversation toward that purpose.

Start with an icebreaker

Take a picture of your group and share it on our Facebook and Twitter.