Missouri State License Plate

Ride with Pride!

Do you own a personalized Missouri State license plate yet?

Join the growing number of Bear plates on the road and Ride With Pride.

When you cruise down the highway with maroon and white Bear logo plates, you'll let everyone know you support Missouri State. And best of all, by purchasing Missouri State license plates, you not only show your pride in the University, but also help provide scholarships to Missouri State students by contributing a minimum of $25 to the Missouri State Collegiate License Plate Fund. Missouri State alumni, students, parents, fans and friends who are residents of Missouri are eligible to apply.

Obtaining a Missouri State license plate is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Mail or submit online a $25 contribution designated to the Collegiate License Plate Fund to the Missouri State Foundation. We'll send you a form approving your use of the Bear logo, along with easy instructions for obtaining your license plates.


2. When ordering personalized Collegiate License Plates, you can choose between a combination of up to six letters, spaces, numbers and a hyphen, or four digits ranging from 8000 to 9999. Be prepared to have several acceptable choices.


3. When the Missouri Division of Motor Vehicles and Drivers Licensing notifies you that your Missouri State Bear plates are ready, take your current plates to your local license office and exchange them for your new maroon and white personalized plates.



Annual Funds
Missouri State Foundation
Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center
300 S. Jefferson, Suite 100
Springfield, MO 65806

If you have specific questions about renewing your plates while you are transferring/replacing or questions about what personalizations are available, please contact your local license office, or call the Department of Revenue Central office at (573) 751-4509. The DOR has changed renewal dates for all personalized plates to July.

Thank you again for participating in Ride with Pride – the Collegiate License Plate program and remember that your support helps provide scholarships to deserving Missouri State students each year.