Wall of Fame

Missouri State University has developed a rich heritage of outstanding faculty and staff who have contributed much to the success of our University. The Wall of Fame, located outside the Ballroom in the Plaster Student Union, is a designated location for the University to recognize and honor employees who have excelled at Missouri State and significantly contributed to the success and positive collegiate experience of students. While Missouri State University has had many outstanding employees during its long history, the intention of the Wall of Fame is to recognize those faculty and staff members who have had an impact on students that is considered truly noteworthy.

2021 Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony


A selection committee composed of students, faculty, staff, and administrators will recommend recipients to the Missouri State University Board of Governors at the Board’s May 2021 meeting.

Individuals are selected for this honor based on the following criteria:

  • Full-time employment with the University for a minimum of 10 years at any time in university history. 
  • Service that has resulted in meaningful change at Missouri State University. 
  • Individuals known and respected by various segments of the community. 
  • Continuous demonstration of character and integrity. 
  • Significant positive impact on students. 
  • Five years must have passed since the individual was last employed full time at Missouri State, as of the Wall of Fame nomination deadline. 
  • Individuals who have been honored by naming of a facility (other than donors) and Bronze Bear recipients will not be eligible for the Wall of Fame. 
  • There will be a limit of six individuals selected for this honor. No more than four candidates shall be selected from either faculty or staff nominees. 

Past Honorees


  • Dr. Earle Doman
  • Neosha Mackey
  • Virginia Mee
  • Dr. Linda Pettijohn
  • Dr. Denny E. Pilant
  • Burnie L. Snodgrass


  • Greg Burris
  • Dr. Ben Fuqua
  • Susan Hom
  • Mary Kennedy
  • Chyrel Love Miller
  • Dr. James Pettijohn


  • Dr. John Bowdidge
  • Dr. John Catau
  • Marilyn Chana
  • Dr. Bruce Johnson
  • Dr. Mike McElhaney
  • Sally Rowe


  • Dr. Don Aripoli
  • Dr. Lawrence Banks Jr.
  • Dr. Wayne Bartee
  • William Daggett
  • Michael Smith


  • Dr. Ronald Bottin
  • Dr. Dominic Capeci Jr.
  • Dr. Mona Casady-Niewald
  • Dr. Curtis Lawrence
  • William (Bill) Rowe Jr.


  • Linda Johnson
  • Marty Marty
  • John McAlear
  • Dr. Donal Stanton
  • Dr. George Swales


  • Dr. Alice Fleetwood Bartee
  • Dr. Bill Cheek
  • Clint Copeland
  • Retired Maj. Gen. Fred Marty
  • Greg Onstot
  • Guy Thompson


  • Dr. James Giglio
  • Dr. Richard Myers
  • Dr. James O’Brien
  • Dr. Bruno Schmidt
  • Carol Silvey


  • J. H. “Speedy” Collins
  • Irene Francka
  • John Patton
  • Dr. Robert Wilkinson, Jr.


  • Thomas Allen
  • Dr. Robert Flanders
  • Dr. Charles W. Hedrick
  • Dr. David Heinlein
  • Reba Sims


  •  Linda Dollar
  • Wensey Marsh
  • John Schatz
  • Dr. Genevieve (Genny) Cramer
  • Ralph Williams
  • Milton Rafferty


  • Dr. Robert H. Bradley
  • Dr. Russell Keeling
  • John Province
  • Dr. Russell Rhodes
  • Lois Tooley


  • Dr. William Jack Bush
  • Gene T. Ellis
  • R. Todd Morriss
  • Olan Oatman
  • Dr. Orin Robinson


  • Dr. Kenneth Brown
  • Ralph K. Manley
  • Grace B. Palmer
  • Dr. J. N. Smith
  • Dr. Robert "Bob" Trewatha
  • Max A. Wood


  • Dr. Herbert J. Arkebauer
  • Dr. Don Landon
  • Edward Pierce
  • Dr. Vernon Renner
  • Robert Scott
  • Dr. Bernice Warren

Centennial Class

  • Florence Baker Bugg
  • Dr. Walter O. Cralle
  • Joseph Daniel Delp
  • Hiland D. Kelley
  • Clayton P. Kinsey
  • M.A. O'Rear
  • Margaret Julietta Putnam
  • Deborah D. Weisel
  • Dr. Harry Arthur Wise


  • Dr. James Bane
  • Dr. John "Bill" Northrip
  • Dr. Paul Redfearn
  • Dr. Thomas Stombaugh
  • William Thomas
  • Dr. Thomas Wyrick


  • Edgar Albin
  • Dr. Vencil Bixler
  • Maurice "Gene" Edwards
  • Judy Ann Geisler
  • Dr. Roar Irgens
  • Dr. Robert Martin
  • Mildred Wilcox
  • Dr. Mary Jo Wynn


  • Dr. Byrne Blackwood
  • Arthur Briggs
  • Margaret "Maggie" Crighton
  • Dr. Robert Gilmore
  • Dr. George Gleason
  • Wilda Looney
  • Dr. E. Howard Matthews
  • Don Payton
  • Aldo Sebben
  • Dr. Holt Spicer
  • Dr. Gerrit tenZythoff
  • Dr. Clifford Whipple
  • Dr. Richard Wilkinson